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Legends & Lairs: School of Evocation (D&D 3.0)

Legends & Lairs: School of Evocation (D&D 3.0)

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Beyond fireball.

Continuing a new series of books from Fantasy Flight Games, School of Evocation contains everything you need to give evocation magic the diversity it deserves.

Featuring more than 60 new spells including the city-leveling power of tempest, School of Evocation gives evokers their own domains to study in the form of “disciplines.” Evokers can now master fire, ice, energy constructs, and five other disciplines in their quest for limitless power. Best of all, the visual guide to evocations shows at a glance what type of damage each spell inflicts.

This book also contains 8 new prestige classes and a new core class—the devoted evoker. In addition, it contains dozens of new items—both magical and mundane—to delight players. Whether you’re customizing your very own evoker’s robe or puzzling out how to best use the enigmatic corrosive globe, you’ll gain a new understanding of the true power of evocation.

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