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Wizards of the Coast

Magic the Gathering CCG: Fallout Commander Deck

Magic the Gathering CCG: Fallout Commander Deck

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It's S.P.E.C.I.A.L.! Put the fun in fission with sci-fi tech and characters from every Fallout video game since 1997! Mutants, cryptids, raiders, and more await in this Wasteland tested, Vault-tec approved set. Even in post-nuclear chaos, there's always room for some quirky charm. Give a big thumbs up to serialized Vault Boy bobblehead cards that will immerse you in the world of Fallout! Battle your friends in epic multi-player Magic games. Each preconstructed deck is ready-to-play right out of the box and comes with a Collector Booster Sample pack containing 2 special alt-frame cards, including 1 Rare or Mythic Rare card.

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